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Back (in Black!)

Just a quick update…

I’ve been in Israel for the past few weeks (hence the not posting). I’m going to post about that asap. I’m just too tired right now.

Good night!


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I promise to start being healthy and all that stuff… tomorrow! Tehehe.

As a fledgling vegan and avid baker/eater, I have been experimenting with different sorts of desserts.

I made my first [vegan] ice cream. Chocolate peanut butter banana ice cream. It was supposed to be chocolate chip but I put them in too quickly and they melted… making it chocolate!

vegan ice cream

When I came home after a week or so of painting the town, there was a whole bunch of bananas that had been left untouched. They were incredibly ripe (read: brown). While trolling the blog world, I came across http://veganicecream.blogspot.com, a wonderful blog devoted to… well, you can probably guess what it’s devoted to. If the above looks tasty to you, feel free to go to her site and look at some recipes.

I don’t have an ice cream machine, so I just froze it while stirring every half hour and then put it in the food processor before devouring it.


On a more interesting (and believe it or not, tastier) note, yesterday was my mom’s birthday. Which of course means… birthday cake! Her favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake, so I made her pound cake. Ain’t I a stinker?


pound cake!

The recipe was taken from Veganomicon. It’s the vanilla-yogurt pound cake (though I made it with strawberry yogurt). Very delicious! I highly recommend the recipe and the cookbook.

I made a cream sauce that was quite fantastic.

Fantastic Cream Sauce:
1/4 cup Sour Cream
1/4 cup Cream Cheese
4 tsp. vegan sugar

Stir until creamy.

Put that on top of the cake with some strawberries and I promise it is better than strawberry shortcake.



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Well… there’s a lot that I’d love to write about right now, but I’ve had a very busy day and want to go to sleep. So I’ll make this quick.

I got a Canon G9 for my way belated birthday (which is Feb 12 [I got it on May 25]). I love it love it love it! If you have the resources and the need for a camera, I highly recommend investing in it. It is incredible.

A quick sampling of the pictures that I have taken over the past two days. Please note that these are all unedited and were shot without any special effects – although the color enhancement option will be explored tomorrow!

I intern in the Pfizer laboratories at the New York Botanical Garden. After doing a few PCRs (more on this later, maybe), I decided to pretend that I was actually relaxing on the holiday and walked around the garden a bit. I have no idea what the species names are for most of these plants as they are exotcs and I didn’t bother to try and identify them.

purple flowers

All I can tell you is that this is an orchid. Good luck finding nectar in there, buddy!


Some of my gorgeous animal friends and I were playing outside yesterday:

patrickhello ollie

I have yet to figure out how to size the pictures in here without distorting the image. Oh well.. I am learning.

Oh yeah, and here’s me!

dancing queen

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Hello world!

I feel the automatic post title is pretty appropriate. Hello world!

For the next year, I am going to live karmically. Is that a term? I don’t think so. A quick google search pulls up several yoga sites asking for money. So I guess that means, it is a term, but it has yet to be defined. Which I guess means that I get to define it for myself. Hooray!

I think I might have to define this as I go along. But basically, I’m going to eat conciously (vegan, with an emphasis on raw foods), exercise regularly (mostly yoga, swimming, running, bike riding, horseback riding, hiking, etc.), do all my work without procrastination, meditate, sleep 6-8 hours, abstain from lying and cursing, do what I can to help others, work to conserve land, recycle, garden, volunteer at an animal shelter, be good to my friends, and hopefully, take the time to relax. That seems like a lot, but I feel like I can adjust it all so that I can lead a healthy and karma-approved life. Obviously, I can’t do all of these things all the time. But I’m going to try and do as much of them as possible

I will update this as often as possible so that you all (assuming there are people reading this, of course) can see how it’s going and hopefully be inspired to live a little more spiritually as well.

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