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Well… there’s a lot that I’d love to write about right now, but I’ve had a very busy day and want to go to sleep. So I’ll make this quick.

I got a Canon G9 for my way belated birthday (which is Feb 12 [I got it on May 25]). I love it love it love it! If you have the resources and the need for a camera, I highly recommend investing in it. It is incredible.

A quick sampling of the pictures that I have taken over the past two days. Please note that these are all unedited and were shot without any special effects – although the color enhancement option will be explored tomorrow!

I intern in the Pfizer laboratories at the New York Botanical Garden. After doing a few PCRs (more on this later, maybe), I decided to pretend that I was actually relaxing on the holiday and walked around the garden a bit. I have no idea what the species names are for most of these plants as they are exotcs and I didn’t bother to try and identify them.

purple flowers

AllĀ I can tell you is that this is an orchid. Good luck finding nectar in there, buddy!


Some of my gorgeous animal friends and I were playing outside yesterday:

patrickhello ollie

I have yet to figure out how to size the pictures in here without distorting the image. Oh well.. I am learning.

Oh yeah, and here’s me!

dancing queen


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